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Swedish national symbols in a book

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Book cover for "Våra landskapssymboler", (Our historical provinces symbols)
Book cover for ”Våra landskapssymboler”, (Our historical provinces symbols)

In 2007, the state herald Clara Nevéus and the heraldic artist Vladimir Sagerlund published a book showing the national symbols of Sweden.

It´s a neat little book in Swedish, presenting every historical province with its coat of arms on a postament (wich it doesn’t have in ”real life”) with the province flowers, and supported by the province animal.

Stephen Coombs has written the english summary.

If you´re interested in symbols, this is a must-have-book.


Clara Nevéus och Vladimir A. Sagerlund: Våra landskapssymboler – vapen, djur och blommor (2007).
Förlag: Historiska media. ISBN10: 9185507156. ISBN13: 978918550 7153. Pris från 116 kronor.

En hertig av Ångermanland

H.K.H. Prins Nicolas Paul Gustaf, hertig av Ångermanland, Det är vår nyaste medlem av kungahuset.

Ångermanland har fått sin första hertig någonsin. Därmed gör laxen sin entré i de svenska hertigvapnens symbolvärld. Nu ska det bli spännande att få se det nya hertigvapnet.

Läs pressmeddelandet från kungahuset

English resume

H.R.H. Prins Nicolas Paul Gustaf, Duke of Ångermanland, is the newest member of the royal house of Sweden.

Modern Swedish duchies have always been named for the historical provinces of Sweden, which are no longer governmental entities. This is the first time in history Ångermanland is used as a titel for a royal duke.

International heraldry day 2015

Jesper Wasling at Par Bricole in Borås
Jesper Wasling at Par Bricole in Borås


A guide through the heraldry of Par Bricole

Par Bricole is a order/society like the Free masons, but with a humorous touch hence it celebrates the memory of the famous 18:th century poet, songwriter, composer and performer.

Par Bricoles HQ are in Stockholm but have lodges in Göteborg, Malmö, Jönköping, Sundsvall, Borås and Vänersborg.

The society was founded in at the end of the 18:th centyry as a kind of Bacchanalia secret society. And from the beginning the society used heraldic shields for its members from grade 10 and up. The society still use heraldry.

At the international heraldry day 2015, Thomas Falk guided us though the heraldry of the society in Borås. Thomas Falk is the orders local herald and painter of the shields.
The society has more than 800 members in Borås alone. Almost 50 of them have a shield on the wall.

The oldest plates in Borås dates back to late 19:th century. The heraldry then was not as good as it is today, as you can see at the end of this article (I won’t even try to understand what it is).

Thank you Thomas, for an interesting and funny evening. 

(part of) the Wall och Shields at the house of par Bricole in Borås
(part of) the Wall och Shields at the house of par Bricole in Borås




An old Coat of arms for one of the members of Par Bricole
An old Coat of arms for one of the members of Par Bricole